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About Grief Coaching  

Studies have shown that coaching improves results for those who seek a coach in many life areas, so why not a Grief Coach for you?

As Your Grief Coach, I work closely with you as a support in your grieving, providing guidance and tools as I help you navigate the grieving process. 

The main benefit of coaching is you’re supported by someone who understands and has journeyed with grief. I have been in there myself and understand what it’s like and I know the pitfalls and challenges that can keep you grieving for longer than necessary. It’s not about fixing you because you’re not broken – you’re grieving. It’s about seeing you and witnessing your grief story that in itself can be very healing. You will be with someone who gets it and isn’t rushing you along.

Another benefit is Grief coaching is focused on the present and supports you as you take action. Grief coaching is not talk therapy. It’s about being committed to your own healing and finding hope.

Understanding Grief’s Approach & Philosophy

I believe the more you understand a subject the less you fear it and that is true for grief. It’s all too easy to get stuck and lose your way and for the natural healing to be postponed.  Your grief is not just about emotions and feelings, grief encompasses your mind and body. It spills over into relationships, your work life and coping skills.

My approach differs from traditional grief therapy. Understanding Grief is about gaining knowledge and insight into the various aspects of the grieving process. It’s not about letting go but integrating your loss while keeping and holding memories of your loved one in your heart with love.

Life is a series of endings, challenges and changes.  The good thing about endings is that they allow for new beginnings and possibilities to enter. It may be hard right now to see how. It’s a process and I can support you along the way.

When you see and view your grief in a different way. You’ll notice that you have the confidence, resilience and tools to deal with any future challenges.

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Is Grief Coaching

for Me?

Indeed if You Are

  • Feeling abandoned and uncertain
  • Confused and don’t have the wording to explain what you are feeling.
  • Exhausted all the time
  • Feeling alone and no one cares
  • Neglecting your needs just to keep going
  • Constantly sick with colds or other painful ailments
  • Don’t care about your appearance
  • Unable to work and your bank balance is dipping lower
  • Relationships are suffering
  • Your major accomplishment is getting out of bed


  • Career or business is suffering because you have no focus or lack interest to care
  • Isolating yourself because of emotional outbursts
  • Feeling life is empty and has no meaning
  • Not interested in doing anything you once enjoyed
  • Mind is all over the place
  • Re-reading the same sentence because you have no focus
  • Fearful you’ll feel this way forever 
  • Friends or family are telling you its time to get over it
  • Unable to let go, it feels safer to hold on

How Many Did You Relate To?

No judgment if you ticked off many as all of these are impacts of your immediate grief. If you’ve been grieving for a long time or if you’re unable to gain traction in your life to move forward, then these are just a few ways I can support you to move past them.

Women connecting and laughing

Why Choose Grief Coaching?

As previously mentioned your grief is a journey that can feel isolating and overwhelming. It’s like being lost in a dense forest, unsure of which path to take. That’s where Grief Coaching comes in as a guiding light that shows the way forward.

Through personal experiences and shared journeys, I’ve discovered the transformative power of grief coaching. It’s about more than just understanding your emotions; it’s about finding the strength to heal and grow amidst the pain. As one client shared, “Grief coaching helped me make sense of it all and to rediscover hope.”

Whether you’re struggling with a recent loss or unresolved grief from the past.  Grief coaching provides personalized support tailored to your unique needs. It offers a safe space to share, understand, and nurture your healing journey.

Grief coaching empowers you to take practical steps, establish achievable goals and nurture healthy routines that prioritize self-care.

Grief Abyss Finding Your Pathway to Peace

Is your guidebook through grief with journaling questions and a workbook, by author Anne DeButte

Grief Coaching 1:1 or Groups

Online Grief Coaching Supporting Your Journey Through Loss to Find Inner Peace

Let's Talk About Grief


Grief is messy. It’s the opposite of linear. Learn as others share their stories of heartbreak and how they coped.

Gratitude for Free Coaching Conversation

The support and guidance I gained from my conversation with Anne has made such a difference. It was immaculate timing.

I so appreciated Anne’s coaching around my father’s potential death.  Our relationship has since transformed and Anne helped more than she knows.



Grateful Coaching Client

Before working with Anne to say I had fallen into griefs abyss would have been an understatement.

I had lost my partner and father to cancer only months apart. I struggled with the simplest tasks, most days getting out of bed felt like a victory.

The 12 weeks coaching was challenging but worth every minute and tear I’ve shed.

Anne is one of the kindest, understanding and patient people I have ever met. I am truly grateful to have had her coaching me through this – Cody

Satisfied Coaching Client

I am pleased to have been Anne’s client and completed her 12 week, program.

My longstanding life relationship ended,  I was experiencing grief, and in a major life transition.

Her coaching is warm, engaging, capable and up-lifting. She uses good tools and is an expert facilitator.

I recommend Anne unreservedly as a grief coach for anyone finding themselves in any major grief situation – Roy


"When we are no longer able to change a situation. We are challenged to change ourselves"

Viktor Frankl

"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then"

Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland

"There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept. Things we don't want to know but have to learn and people we can't live without but have to let go"


Hello, I’m Anne, a Grief and Mental Fitness Coach.

You see I’m a real person and not AI.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

I’ve been on the journey that you are experiencing now.  I can’t imagine what your specific experience is but I can offer understanding and guidance as I have journeyed with grief myself.

Yes, grieving is hard work and it’s painful, but when you learn and understand it, you’ll begin to grieve in a way that’s helpful and healing.

I’ve learned that grief needs to be allowed in and acknowledged.  Grieving gives us permission to take solace in the memories and moments that we share with our loved ones.

My life has led me through many challenges as well as losses.  I’ve learnt how to work with them all and have found my way back to live an amazing life.

I discovered if you take time to allow your grief to flow, you’ll find more love will enter and fill up the empty spaces.

PS Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting


Podcast Host

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