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Falling Into Grief’s Abyss

The process of grieving the loss of a loved one can be confusing, painful, and deeply sad.  While it is an experience each of us will encounter in life, grief is often shrouded in mystery and silence.  We wonder if we are doing it correctly, if we are recovering too slowly, or if we are the only ones to feel hollowed out inside long after the funeral.

The book Grief’s Abyss came about because I  wanted to shine a light of compassion and understanding of the experience of loss.   This book I hope you will find is a gentle and wise companion for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.

Key topics of the book include:

  • Making sense of your emotions while grieving
  • The importance of rituals after a death
  • What we can learn about coping with loss from other cultures
  • The gifts of grief
  • How to discover hope and joy after loss
Book Cover for Grief's Abyss sun shining through clouds, mountain tops and green forests - how to reconnect-from-grief

If you wish to delve deeper into the concepts raised in the E-Book – this may be the perfect companion – it comes with a workbook you can use as a journal of your experience.  To purchase the book

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Find Hope & Clarity Curious How Grief Coaching Can Guide You

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Often it’s hard to see where you’re going or what’s even possible – you don’t have a grief road map or your compass may be broken (for now).

2) Clarity & Hope Await

When you share your experiences with someone who understands the clarity and way forward often present themselves.  That alone can give you hope for now and the future.

3) Experience Grief Coaching

During the 1 hr online session, you have an opportunity to see and feel for yourself, what is possible with a coach guiding you.  There is no pressure to buy I just want to serve so you can have the experience for yourself.

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