Ready to Transform your Grief from Impossible to Discovering Possibilities?

Your Journey Through Grief Asks You to Change and Evolve

3-month Coaching Program

Reconnecting from Grief to Live Life, Love & Laughter

Reconnect from grief is our Signature Program.

During the 3 months (12 consecutive wks) you’ll be taken on a journey to not only understand your grief but also free yourself of limitations that can hold you back from living your life after loss.

You’ll learn grief is a process and you’ll be guided and supported each step of the way.  Discover the power of grieving, letting go and how to move forward.  Learning to let go doesn’t mean forgetting about your loved one only that you’re willing to set down your grief and begin to heal

Below is a short description of each Module.  


Module 1

Week 1 - Clearing the Past & Healing the Now

Introduction to the coaching model and how being in the present moment is optimal for healing

You will discover what other areas in your life may be adding to your grief

Learning techniques and be shown tools for you to gain an understanding and what you can do to help yourself



Module 2

Week 2 - Anatomy & Physiology of Grief

Learn why it’s so helpful to know about the physiology of grief and the importance of grieving

You’ll discover the language of grief and the 5 areas in your life that it affects

Discover practices to assist you as you work with each area, creating clarity as you work through the module



Module 3

Week 3 - Climbing Your Emotional Ladder

You’ll have many opportunities to share what may be arising and any difficulties you’re experiencing

This is helpful to know because Week 3 is all about the emotions

We’ll work with the power each emotion yields and you’ll discover and feel the difference for yourself as you work with them

Module 4

Week 4 - Growing Your Life

There are many areas that segment and make up your life.

Some you focus on, others less so.  While others you neglect altogether because they challenge you or you don’t see them as important

Here we take an in-depth look at them all

Together, we’ll brainstorm helpful action steps so that you can create balance in your daily life


Module 5

Week 5- Myths Thoughts & Expressing Yourself

Building on week 2 to your knowledge and know-how, we’ll take a deeper look to see how they affect each other and what you can do to empower yourself

We’ll explore Society’s myths and your beliefs and discover which ones to believe

With your new understanding, you’ll begin to see how your grief and the pain you experience at any given moment are affected by each


Module 6

Week 6 - Giving Your Story a Voice

In this module, we’ll have some fun.  Grief is such heavy energy and its good to learn to laugh and know it’s OK to do so.

You’ll be given the opportunity to share your story in different formats

Doing so will demonstrate to you the power of your mind

Seeing it in action will give you the confidence to choose your words more carefully

Module 7

Week 7 - Your Life Timeline

It is helpful to take a moment to review your life to date.  You will see there are many ups and downs you’ve successfully navigated.

This is where being a detective helps your life also leaves you many clues for you to discover

In this week’s module, you’ll become your own detective and together we’ll go find them and discover their message




Module 8

Week 8 - Reviewing Life Stories

You learn to connect with others when you share stories.  It isn’t until you take a closer look at them you’ll see the meaning you have assigned to them.  This can be negative or a positive one.

How you go on to interpret each story will either cause you pain or happiness when you retell it.

In this module, you’ll have the opportunity to discover for yourself the power of a story and how with a few tweaks you can see it in a different light



Module 9

Week 9 - Love Letters for All

Week 9 is all about writing love letters.  

When you’re coached and shown the powerful 3 steps of writing a love letter to whoever you chose, please know as simple as it sounds this can be a deeply healing experience

Again, when the letter is tweaked and you hear the power of your words expressed in a different format then true magic begins

True healing begins when you yourself experience the 3rd step in this process

Module 10

Week 10 - Filling Up Your Cup

Grieving a loss is on so many levels an exhausting experience.

Often sleep is disrupted leaving you feeling tired every moment of your waking day

Eating can become a challenge, you either no longer care or you eat more to feel something

Women are especially bad for taking care of their own needs first and often neglect themselves to care for others. 

During this module, you’ll not only gain valuable insights and information but you’ll become willing and empowered to begin your own self-care routine


Module 11

Week 11 - Finding Peace Without Meditating

Meditation has become the buzz word for finding peace and inner solitude.  However, there are other ways, especially if the thought of meditating turns you off – perhaps you believe you don’t have time!

In this module, you’ll learn several techniques that can bring you tranquility and peace without sitting down to meditation

They are free and totally available to you in this moment

Module 12

Week 12 - Meeting Your Needs

This looks as if it is a repeat of week 10, however, it is far from it

It’s normal to look outside of yourself and expect others to know what you need

Often you may look to others to intuitively know what your needs are.  Especially if they love you?

More often they don’t either and this can create heartache for all

In this final module, you will get clear on what your needs are and how you can fulfill them yourself

By knowing how to meet your own needs, this understanding will fill you with confidence and you’ll feel even more empowered moving on knowing you’ve got this

Reconnecting from Grief to Life, Love & Laughter

Reconnecting from grief has 3 parts for you to discover:

  1. understanding what grief is and knowing what steps to take to begin your healing journey.
  2. navigating “no man’s land” in-between the old and new life
  3. discovering how to connect to your new life.

This 3-month program is about walking with your grief and seeing it in a different light.  Moving from your head to your heart and learning to create what you want to do with your one precious life

Yes, grieving is about the loss of a loved one, coaching guides you through to discover that during your journey, it is more about you and how to reconnect with yourself and your life after loss.

Book your coaching conversation with me today and commit to your healing.


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