Ready to Transform your Grief from Impossible to Discovering Possibilities?

Your Journey Through Grief Asks You to Change and Evolve

6-week Coaching Program

Understanding Your Grief to Reflect, Reconnect & Renew

This 6-week coaching program is for you if you’ve recently experienced a loss and are struggling to make sense of what is happening to you. Perhaps your emotions, thoughts, and feelings are all over the place.  Or you’re confused, feel alone and sense no one understands.

You long for calm, to return and to feel like yourself once more.  The program was designed with you in mind.

Each coaching session is delivered by phone or online and you attend in the comfort of your own home.

By understanding your grief and your reactions to it, you’ll find the fear lessens. Allowing you to experience moments of calm you’re looking for.

Below is a short description of each Module.  

Module 1

Week 1 - Clearing the Past & Healing the Now

Introduction to the coaching model and how being in the present moment is optimal for healing

You will discover what other areas in your life may be adding to your grief

Learning techniques and be shown tools for you to gain an understanding and what you can do to help yourself



Module 2

Week 2 - Anatomy & Physiology of Grief

Learn why it’s so helpful to know about the physiology of grief and the importance of grieving

You’ll discover the language of grief and the 5 areas in your life that it affects

Discover practices to assist you as you work with each area, creating clarity as you work through the module



Module 3

Week 3 - Climbing Your Emotional Ladder

You’ll have many opportunities to share what may be arising and any difficulties you’re experiencing

This is helpful to know because Week 3 is all about the emotions

We’ll work with the power each emotion yields and you’ll discover and feel the difference for yourself as you work with them

Module 4

Week 4 - Growing Your Life

There are many areas that segment and make up your life.

Some you focus on, others less so.  While others you neglect altogether because they challenge you or you don’t see them as important

Here we take an in-depth look at them all

Together, we’ll brainstorm helpful action steps so that you can create balance in your daily life


Module 5

Week 5- Myths Thoughts & Expressing Yourself

Building on week 2 to your knowledge and know-how, we’ll take a deeper look to see how they affect each other and what you can do to empower yourself

We’ll explore Society’s myths and your beliefs and discover which ones to believe

With your new understanding, you’ll begin to see how your grief and the pain you experience at any given moment are affected by each


Module 6

Week 6 - Giving Your Story a Voice

In this module, we’ll have some fun.  Grief is such heavy energy and its good to learn to laugh and know it’s OK to do so.

You’ll be given the opportunity to share your story in different formats 

Doing so will demonstrate to you the power of your mind 

Seeing it in action will give you the confidence to choose your words more carefully

Understanding Your Grief, Learn to Reflect, Reconnect & Renew

Taking time to understand your grief, you’ll see this is the first part of your journey.  Where you’ll move from feeling impossible and wonder if this is your new reality.  It may even feel like your darkest days but take heart.

This 6-week program is designed to give you hope, time to reflect, reconnect to you and renew.  You’ll leave the program with clarity and begin to see what is possible for you in the days ahead.

Book your coaching conversation with me today and commit to your healing.


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