Grief Coaching

Who, What & Why

Losing a Loved One is the End of one Chapter

Grief coaching supports and encourages you to write another one

About new beginnings whilst remembering your loved one and finding your way

Who’s Grief Coaching For?  

If You’re

  • Confused and don’t have the wording to explain what you are feeling.
  • Exhausted all the time
  • Feeling so alone and no one cares
  • Neglecting your needs just to keep going
  • Constantly sick with colds or other painful ailments
  • Don’t care about your appearance
  • Unable to work and your bank balance is dipping lower
  • Relationships are suffering
  • Major accomplishment is getting out of bed
  • Career or business is suffering because you have no focus or lack interest to care
  • Isolating yourself because of emotional outbursts
  • Feeling life is empty and has no meaning
  • Not interested in doing anything you once enjoyed
  • Mind is all over the place
  • Re-reading the same sentence because you have no focus
  • Fearful you’ll feel this way forever 
  • Friends or family are telling you its time to get over it
  • Unable to let go, it feels safe to hold on

Please know these are all symptoms of grieving your loss and there are reasons for feeling this way.  Grief coaching can help you begin to make sense of them.


What’s Grief Coaching About? 

Supporting you through these uncertain times and guiding you to find answers

Being truly listened to and realizing how healing and comforting that feels.  It’s not about fixing you and it’s nonjudgmental

Comforting, motivating, and taking action

Challenging the status quo and it’s about healing and helping you discover the YOU after loss

Untangling the ball of emotions, feelings, and thoughts that come with grieving.

Empowering you to see your grief differently, providing you with tools designed to assist you in moving on to create your life after loss.

It isn’t like talk therapy where you can spend years reviewing your past.  Instead, it is short term, present, and future-focused

Loss of connection, and helping you connect to you by reconnecting your head and your heart

Dramatically improving the results you want and increasing your progress in the areas of your life you want to change research has discovered.


Benefits of Grief Coaching

Feeling less isolated or alone

Knowing someone cares and understands

Gaining confidence in your abilities to cope

Learning to trust yourself and make decisions

Recognizing what to do by understanding your grief and  how to heal your heart

Discovering letting go doesn’t mean forgetting your loved one

Seeing and understanding that grief is happening for you and not to you.  

You’ll discover what is possible after a loss.

Understanding the importance of releasing stress

Finding out happiness has been waiting for you. 

Learning to determine what you really need and become self-reliant

Becoming aware of your blind spots

Gaining clarity and certainty

Releasing limiting beliefs, fears, guilt & anger

Learning to create greater intimacy

Understanding the importance of forgiveness

Keeping your heart open to attract new opportunities

Discovering there is growth in grief’s 

Strengthening relationships with family and friends

Begining to love life again

Having gratitude in the simplest of things

Finding meaning

Creating a legacy

Did you know?

Happy content people live 7 yrs longer, are less likely to get sick and make more money according to research? 

When you understand and transform your grief, you’ll discover it leads to a deeper understanding of yourself and life

By working through your grief  and not running from it, you’ll free yourself from unresolved grief that can hold you back

Your Happiness will return

Discover your life’s purpose as I did!

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge

Myth is more potent than history

Dreams are more powerful than facts

Hope always triumphs over experience

Laughter is the cure for grief – LOVE is stronger than death

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