About Me

Hello, I’m Anne


A wee 5′ 1″ Scottish Lass, born on Valentine’s Day – romance and love!

Before as a former nurse I helped my patients heal from what ailed them, now I help my clients heal their broken hearts

There’s a common belief that you never get over the loss of a loved one; that your heart never heals and you’re never quite the same again.  I don’t think this is true.

In nursing, I saw first-hand how the right treatment can heal the body – so why not the heart?  I believe you can overcome grief to reconnect with yourself and find life after loss – because I’ve been there.

As a life long learner, it seemed natural to me to delve deeper into why I felt the way I did and how I could get help to heal myself.

The first step was to become a grief coach and to support other women grieving a loss. I also believe in giving back and I’m now a support group facilitator.

When I’m not teaching or meeting with clients you can find me at the gym, on the golf course or in a yoga class.  I love traveling, reading and learning, coffee and wine!

I look forward to getting to know more about you!

My Background


I’ve been studying the grieving process for 6 years now.

I’ve been initiated to grief and understand the turmoil and chaos it brings and what it can do to a person and their life.  There were many losses in my life but none so traumatic as the death of my father.

Fortunately through my nursing background I certainly never feared death, it was the emotional turmoil that totally confused me.

Having half of the equation I’d often wonder how others managed when they had neither.

I’d struggled to comprehend how others could go on with their lives while I stood frozen in the overwhelming, all-consuming pain of loss.

The impact of my father’s death certainly fuelled my desire to help others through the overwhelm and pain of bereavement.

Now I combine my nursing background with my grief coach training to help my clients understand the effect of grief on their mind, body, and spirit.

My Mission is to help people find their lives and purpose after grief and loss – just as I found mine.



My Approach & Philosophy


I believe the more you understand a subject the less you fear it and that is true of the internal process of grieving.

My approach differs from traditional grief therapy in that I offer 1:1 coaching over the phone/skype/zoom.  Grief Coaching isn’t like talk therapy but about taking action.

The personal approach is like a balm to a lost soul and allows you to receive grief support in the comfort of your own home, when convenient.

I’ll talk you through the grief management process where you begin to get an understanding of your grief, what to do and not to do so as to heal.

There will always be an element of grief in our lives, it’s normal.  Life is a series of endings and with anything, endings herald in change.

The good thing about endings is there are new beginnings and new possibilities.

However, when you have been taught what grieving is and how to be with it.  The fear you once had lessons and you begin to see your grief in a different way.

I give my clients an opportunity to understand their grief and they find ways to view their circumstances differently.

Anne is a compassionate, and competent coach. Her intelligence, caring and integrity of intention to make a real difference in the lives of others is evident. With clarity and wisdom, she will be a strong gentle force in your personal healing.

I highly recommend Anne and her service to heal and make whole the lives of others

Marianne Marsch, Nurse

Happy Clients

Anne has a special knack for bringing out in her clients an unexpected depth of feeling.

I experienced her gentle compassion as she helped me in releasing an old wound and I was able to come to peace around it.

Dhyanis Carniglia, Artist

When Anne zero ‘s in with the right question she was able to take me to where I knew what I’m feeling.

We were using the Peace Method and as a result, I realized how I’d been holding myself back from feeling joy because subconsciously I thought

“I can’t be happy if others are not”!

Maggie Ferguson, Former Nurse

Curious How Grief Coaching Can Support You?

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Where you can let me know what challenges you're facing and I can share how grief coaching works.

If I feel coaching is right for you and we are a fit, then we can chat about that when we connect.



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