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Closed Group – Finding Your Life After Loss

New Closed Facebook Support & Mentorship Group

Finding Life After Loss is an online support & mentorship group to show you the healing power of grief and the ways it reconnects you to your life.  The purpose is for you to begin seeing and believing what is possible as you journey to find your new life after any loss.

By joining this group, you’ll have an opportunity to learn and understand the grieving process and how to navigate through it.   Each month a different topic of information will be presented through our Facebook Live sessions to offer you this guidance.

With the knowledge you’ll gain, the guidance and the support you’ll receive within the group will soon have you finding your inner harmony and joy that is currently eluding you.

Your Membership Includes

Personal workbooks, tools, and tips are available within the Facebook group.  You’ll also have an opportunity to practice the new information as we move through each topic presented.  The information material is available in the membership area and can be downloaded before each session.  These are yours to keep.

Within the group, there is an opportunity for live coaching during the Q & A’s and if you have any questions, these can be posted ahead of time or during our Q & A time together.

The Sessions Themselves

With each monthly Facebook session, you will obtain new knowledge and gain personal insights around the subject of grief and how to move on.  Each session is 1 hr long and via Facebook Live. Two weeks later there will be a monthly Q & A session.

We will be discussing a different topic each month.  A small sample of topics covered is listed below. If at any time you have questions or concerns about where you are in your journey or what is coming up for you, you may post in the group or directly to me.  The site is monitored and I will be able to help you with your questions and concerns.

Topics Covered

    1. Looking at Grief Through the Lens of Change
    2. Tools & Tips for Painful Thoughts
    3. Your grief Wheel – How Does it Work?
    4. Finding Balance – What it Means to You
    5. Understand the Neutral Zone
    6. Physiology of Grief & Its Effects
    7. The Critic Within & Its Sabotaging Ways
    8. New Beginnings – Working Towards
    9. Finding and Discovering Your New Life
    10. What Matters Most & Creating a Plan

Discover the Benefits

By joining and actively participating in the group, you will realize the many benefits which include but are not limited to:

  1. Understanding and belonging, friendships and feeling supported in the closed Facebook Group
  2. Learn how being supported and not isolating helps your healing journey
  3. Discover the grieving process and how it affects you, gives you the knowledge that helps to lessen your fear
  4. What grief and guilt are about and that they can diminish when you understand them better
  5. Discover how changing your thoughts and beliefs you can bring about healing sooner
  6. Find out how to lessen the resistance and allow for your healing journey
  7. Know what can hold you back and receive tools to show you how to move through sticky moments
  8. Connect to yourself fully through the exercises and tools you will receive
  9. Learn what your needs are and why it is important to ask or know how to get your needs met
  10. When you learn not to fear death you discover how to live a much fuller life

Who is This Group For?

If you have experienced a loss and are struggling to cope; you are not actively grieving but life feels dull and grey.  You are unsure of what to do next?  Your life has come to a crossroad. You have difficulty making decisions; frequently feel overwhelmed; perhaps are struggling at work or it no longer holds your interest.  Activities that brought you joy no longer do. You’re tired of feeling drained or being constantly sick; family and friends are telling you it is time to move on; You know there must be more to life than this.

I have recognized and valued the support and mentorship I received when I experienced loss followed by the intense and sometimes distressing emotions and feelings that are lumped together in one-word Grief.

There is much misinformation circulating and being passed along that isn’t helpful and you’ll discover for yourself why it isn’t.  Society has ill-prepared us for when death, divorce or other losses are experienced.  Often it is this misinformation that can keep you stuck in your grief.

Through my health background in nursing and grief coaching I saw how the body is capable of miraculous healing, so why not in healing our grief also?

I believe no one need suffer for years endlessly isolated and made to feel like an outcast by family or friends because you are still grieving.

Here you will find like-minded supportive people as you navigate your journey through grief.

Interested and would like to join?

If you are ready and want to understand and discover a healthier way to move through your grieving time, please sign up now for this monthly online support & mentoring group Finding Your Life After Loss. You can do at [email protected]

This is an opportunity for you to get support, be seen, be validated and acknowledged for who and where you are in your journey and be with like-minded people who are compassionate.  This is a no-judgment zone.

Your investment is $47 monthly and you can cancel any time. You can join in at any time, the information is available together with the online video’s right on the Facebook group site. You can work at your own pace after the information has been presented.

Interested but are unsure whether this is right for you or you have further questions?  Then please get in touch and we can discuss this further. Email me at [email protected]

I look forward to traveling with you as you journey and discover yourself and Your Life After Loss.

Thank you and here’s to your new beginnings, full of infinite possibilities that will take you to your independence and freedom.




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