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Dr. Sarah Kerr, Soul Passages – Interview

Dr. Sarah Kerr is a Death Doula and a Ritual Healing Practitioner and in the interview, she shares her work with death & loss and how she helps others in their process at a soul level.  Sarah states that “life gallops forward” and she helps to bring their soul along.  The body and soul can sometimes get separated especially in times of sudden death, it is a primal shock to the person.  It takes ritual or psychosocial support to help the person and soul accept and let go.

Here are some of the topics discussed

1. The scope of Dr. Sarah Kerr’s services at Soul Passages

2. How to have a good funeral and why you need one

3. Why honouring your family lineage is import

4. How parents can help teach their children to be comfortable around death and dealing with grief.

Dr. Kerr speaks compassionately about her experiences with death, dying and illness. Sarah speaks softly and with such dignity when she shares stories from her clients and families experiences.  Her very presence of quiet authority, you know she is a person you’d want to support you during this time of transition.




Grief Recovery – D. Anthony Grief

Turning the tables and speaking to a Grief Recovery & Empowerment coach about individuals and their grief.  How certain beliefs in Society, as well as your own beliefs, can keep you holding onto your pain and grief from much longer than nature intended.

Inside this episode

Grief Coach D. Anthony talks candidly about how his mom’s death and how journaling helped him heal his grief and how he lost 5 years on auto-pilot, wanting and needing to get back to “normal life”.  His personal journals not only helped him but others and ended up as Chapters in a book.  Through grief coaching he discovered so many Myths that his clients brought to him that were ultimately holding them back became the topic of his 2nd book 14 Reasons You’re Not Letting yourself Heal:  Which of These Are Keeping You Miserable and Stuck?

Find out how job loss and how personal coaching found him and turned his life 180 degrees around.

Hear D. Anthony describes grief and pain and how to work with it

Discover his thoughts about feelings, thoughts, and emotion and his insight into how you can use your thinking to turn your feelings around

If you are struggling due to the loss of a loved one, what D. Anthony’s important message is for you

Learn about what reaction and response have to do with grief

Find out why no one grief is more important than another and how that thinking can hinder your healing

There is more – listen below…..




Interview Stillbirth – Louise Green

You’re going to have twins – the doctor announced to Louise at her checkup.  Excitedly she called her mum while standing at the bus stop.  She was hardly able to contain her excitement.

From then on Louise was monitored frequently with many tests to ensure mum and babies were doing well.  It was during one of these tests that Louise was given a diagnosis of preeclampsia and ordered into the hospital immediately.  Her baby boys were delivered 35 weeks into her pregnancy.

Despite the best care possible, one of their babies died.

This is an interview about their story as the family coped after burying one of their infant sons.  How they learned to live their lives as normal as possible while loving their surviving child.  This is a story of

a marriage strong enough to survive the death of a child and how they continue to thrive.

James, their infant son left behind a legacy to the family.  They would later find out that Louise had an inherited disease through the female line.  Thus saving lives.

Louise is now speaking out in the hopes of preventing other children’s death by ensuring that mums take care.  She herself had no symptom

s.  Also, stillbirths are much more common than we realize.

Listen now to this families story.


My Best Friend’s Funeral

My Best Friend’s Funeral

How I Supported my best friend through her end of life transition – Jane Jackson Soul Coach and Energy Practioner (to read more about Deborah & Jane’s journey together here is the link)

When Faced with Difficulty

What do you do, when your best friend is diagnosed with MS and possibly has two years to live?  This was what Jane was faced with and this interview is about their journey together.  Jane did what you would expect of a good friend, she jumped in to support her in so many ways.  Helping her with daily living, supporting, planning her funeral together and dealing alone with the rawness of it all.

This journey was an emotionally charged one, instead of closing down they remained open, vulnerable and available to each other.  Jane never judged her friend or tried to talk her out of it when she heard she was choosing suicide to end her life.  For Deborah, wanted to leave on her terms and not be defined by her illness as she progressively got weaker.

However, the is an interesting and heartwarming twist to their story.  One that will have you questioning “Is the choice to die really ours to make” or is there something more powerful at work here.”

Listen now to their story.


Let’s Talk About Grief – Interview Kevin Toolis, Author

My Father’s Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love & Die

Totally honored to have connected with fellow author Kevin Toolis for this interview to create a Podcast.  You can get a glimpse into the author’s life and those key moments that formed this memoir.

Kevin certainly has an ability to be fully comfortable talking about death.  It is those moments that began to shape his comfort to be so open about a subject most people shy away from.  Kevin writes  “Death is a whisper in the Anglo-Saxon world,”

My intent is to turn this whisper into a conversation.  Listen now as Kevin begins to share the events, people and places he weaves together in a rhythm that brings this book to life.

Part I

Part II – Personal Death & Grief of Others

In Part II Kevin talks about a personal death, his brother and the effects of cancer and the war and battle language that is often used.  Hear about his intrigue as a reporter by Ireland’s troubles and the interviews conducted with affected families.  Find out about these  “dangerous gifts” and Kevin’s ability to ask questions no one else had.

Part III – The Irish Wake

Is where you will discover those old rites & rituals that have been passed down through the generations. Discover the role of the women in the family to midwife the dying and care for the body after death.  Learn about the keening women and their role in assisting grief and how the wake is a way for the community to support the family.  When you read about death from My Father’s Wake, you will begin to inoculate yourself as a way of being more comfortable around death as the author suggests.


Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – Interview with Suzanne Winlove-Smith

Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – Interview with Suzanne Winlove-Smith

Our interview today is with Suzanne Winlove-Smith, a mediation strategist with the Ottawa Courts.

Suzanne is with us today to see if we can uncover much more to what is underneath this escalating issue facing society worldwide with our teen deaths due to drug overdoses.  In her work with kids, as she lovingly calls them, she sees the stresses and level of pain that these young people are experiencing.  In her words, “there is an epidemic of anxiety out there”

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in today’s conversation.

  1. When getting married, no one thinks about it ending in divorce
  2. Divorce brings up so much fear in couples
  3. It is the death of their hopes and dreams and these need to be grieved before moving on
  4. When it gets to the courts there is already so much anger causing people to behave badly
  5. Children are often forgotten and will make up their own stories about it all being their fault
  6. Adults forget that their kids hear and feel things that may not be spoken
  7. Adverse childhood event studies have shown 4 or more can lead to addiction
  8. More education and understanding about relationships and divorce
  9. Adults need to take a stand and become Hero’s to their kids by modeling better behaviour
  10. More discussions about these hard to deal with topics – we don’t always have to have the answer but listening can be healing.




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