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Welcome to Grief Movement Flow

Grief is about Change

That’s why I’m offering you this opportunity to experience for yourself how a practice of Grief Movement will help you to connect to yourself and your emotions.

We know from this year just how quickly our lives can change.   Change and Loss have been the main themes with minimal connection and support.

Grief emotions will be experienced not only after a loved one’s death but can be present whenever there is a major change just like the ones so many of us this year have lived through.

With so much going on in your everyday life, you may have had little or no time to process your emotions and fully grieve.

This is an invitation to give yourself permission for some self-care and self-love during this 1-hour class.

About Grief Movement Flow and Benefits


Awareness practices help you become present and to feel safe in your body.  You’ll discover where you’re holding onto any painful emotions.  In grief, it’s normal to become rigid in your body however being rigid doesn’t help your body find balance. That is what this practice guides you to learn, release and be more flexible.


We then dip into expression. Very often in grief, the emotions get pushed down and we don’t say what we need to say.  Expression helps you to connect to your breathing to release any stored emotions such as anger, shame or fear from the body.  Expression helps you to open and allow your emotions to move through.


Moving gently into connection helps you to soften the mind and find ease within the body.  We’ll create a nurturing space by offering loving-kindness thoughts to yourself so as to feel safe. While reminding you it’s OK to let go to find acceptance and love as you learn to be compassionate to yourself.



As we move into Surrender, it’s important to note, that surrendering isn’t a sign of weakness or to have all the answers.  You can soften and relax into something bigger than yourself.  When you soften your mind and bring ease to your body you can feel safe as you offer loving kind thoughts to yourself.  With self embrace to remind you its OK to let go of the pain not the love.



Whenever there has been devastation such as a death or other losses, you can feel powerless and have no control over your life.  When practising the Evolution movements you begin to develop your own flow and create new realities in your life again. You’ll discover how to energize your body through breath as well as finding connection to your courage and resilience.

Transform Anxiety & Grief

Even in times of loss and anxiety, it’s possible to find a balance to keep moving forward. This NEW series is a compassionately guided movement of mind, and body flow using breath and sound to guide you.  You’ll find freedom as you transform anxiety and grief into more resilience, play, and meaning. 

Grief Movement Flow, Details

To participate in these grief movement flow classes NO yoga experience is required you’ll not even require a yoga mat.

All movement will be practised sitting in a chair.  The techniques are inspired by yoga so you can connect your mind, body and breath with each one.

Regardless of you’re loss, you may be feeling totally disconnected from yourself and your life.

Taking time to practice any sequence in a Grief Movement Flow can help you to move forward in peace



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