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Turning the tables and speaking to a Grief Recovery & Empowerment coach about individuals and their grief.  How certain beliefs in Society, as well as your own beliefs, can keep you holding onto your pain and grief from much longer than nature intended.

Inside this episode

Grief Coach D. Anthony talks candidly about how his mom’s death and how journaling helped him heal his grief and how he lost 5 years on auto-pilot, wanting and needing to get back to “normal life”.  His personal journals not only helped him but others and ended up as Chapters in a book.  Through grief coaching he discovered so many Myths that his clients brought to him that were ultimately holding them back became the topic of his 2nd book 14 Reasons You’re Not Letting yourself Heal:  Which of These Are Keeping You Miserable and Stuck?

Find out how job loss and how personal coaching found him and turned his life 180 degrees around.

Hear D. Anthony describes grief and pain and how to work with it

Discover his thoughts about feelings, thoughts, and emotion and his insight into how you can use your thinking to turn your feelings around

If you are struggling due to the loss of a loved one, what D. Anthony’s important message is for you

Learn about what reaction and response have to do with grief

Find out why no one grief is more important than another and how that thinking can hinder your healing

There is more – listen below…..





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