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We know Grief is Messy

It’s the opposite of linear. It can be dark and wacky, lonely or not, love-filled or seemingly lacking – but it is so very alive. No two people experience this process in quite the same way.

These episodes are conversation starters for dealing with dying, death, and grief, part therapy and part storytelling in disguise.

They’ll shine a light, giving you hope and understanding of how others have managed their grief. Also, they are an insightful guide to life’s many losses. 

I do hope you’ll find them informative and helpful.


Latest Episodes

What Others are Saying About the Podcast Interviews

Listening to the podcast, Anne asked awesome questions that led to a great discussion on grief and mending the pain. In addition, the topic led to information that will help listeners on a personal, similar journey and provide them with lifelong practices that they can easily adapt. Anne has created an outstanding way to take her experiences and those of her guest, to help build community throughout the virtual world.

I have gotten so much out of listening to this podcast. And is sensitive, warm, and very informative. This podcast is truly excellent and is a wonderful resource for those who are either enduring grief or for those supporting them.

Grief is not a topic that is easily discussed, yet Anne brings a sense of calmness and openness to the discussion. Her empathic approach enables her guests to go deeper into their stories while guiding them to provide valuable tips for coping with grief. Her podcasts highlight many variations of grief, which gives listeners a grief topic that resonates with them. As you listen to each of the podcasts, you can’t help feeling warmth and compassion. There is a strong sense of connectivity among the guests, and Anne does a wonderful job navigating through the emotions and experiences. Anne offers invaluable coaching to those coping with grief, truly a remarkable strength.

Recent Episodes

This was my first interface to record my guests either via Skype or telephone.  I then had to upload it to a hosting platform called Audello.  Aaah these were the days before Zoom

Humble Beginnings

Six Years ago I began my journey into Podcasting, I loved connecting with others who had a grief story to share with the listeners.  It was all about how they had navigated their own journey and found their way through the maze we call our grieving time.

I thrived and was able to integrate my coaching and facilitation into my interviews with my guests.  Many remarked that they felt they had received coaching.

During my own journey into Podcasting, I began with intermittent posting of my interviews, then it became monthly once Covid hit I found I was being sent requests to interview authors who’d written their own book about their journey and how it could help others.

Now, I’m posting weekly and have a 6 months wait list of people who’ve navigated their own journey and have a desire to share to help others.  Its a Win Win.

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