Love, Light & Peace

Love, Light & Peace

It’s that time of year! You either love, hate or are indifferent to it. This is especially so if you’re grieving.

It’s is a harsh reminder of your loved ones who won’t be there celebrating with you. Your heart is heavy, your energy is low.  Instead of seeing colour and the lights around you, your world feels grey instead.  Perhaps you feel your light has dimmed for now.  Take heart there are other ways to view this time of year.

Take time out just for you to be with your feelings and emotions and remember why we celebrate.  Perhaps seeing your situation from a different perspective?

5 Mindset Shifts

  1. step into and feel the essence of the season – love & compassion, goodwill and peace
  2. let your heart be open and not closed down against further hurt – feel gratitude for having known them and take time to remember the ways they helped to give your life meaning
  3. find memories and stories tucked away in your mind of your loved one and share them with others. Talk to them and about them. Say their name.
  4. allow yourself to feel sad (don’t discount your emotions) list everything you miss about them and then check your gratitude list. 
  5. Laugh and cry, move around or shake/dance your emotions out.  The benefit is you’ll feel lighter afterward

For now, something to reflect on……

The holiday season began in early November with Divali – which is known as a series or row of lights, Hanukkah began at month’s end and is a Festival of lights. The Buddhists celebrate Bodhi day in early December, the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment. The Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year is next. Returning us slowly back to the light! Christians everywhere celebrate Christ’s birth which we celebrate with lights. They adorn some homes and gardens, on trees and lampost in some streets and of course indoors on our Christmas trees.

I think you’re beginning to see a picture here. Regardless of religion or culture, we all seem to have something in common and that’s our delight at seeing the world being adorned in light.  This fuels us and gives us hope.

I’m not sure about you but I know, each year I want to feel the warmth, love and connections that seem abundantly available this time of year.  Allow this to fill your heart.

To me, this is the essence of Christmas and this time of year.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy joy-filled holiday.

Please note if you’ve experienced a loss, do connect and know you don’t have to struggle alone.



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