Types of Support
For Your Grief Journey

The Hero’s Journey of Grief

Embracing Transformation and Growth


Each person’s journey is unique, with varying durations and outcomes. Some may spend a few months, others years, and some may never fully return.

Embrace your time in grief as a transformative Hero’s Journey, following the footsteps of Joseph Campbell. Experience the event, seek new experiences, and return home transformed. Along the way, confront and overcome limiting beliefs, and any other challenges arising. When you finally return, you will be a changed person. Grief offers invaluable opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

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 Your Grief is Witnessed & Your Story Shared

The Messy Middle, Looking Back and Forward Uncertain

The Climb Back Up to New Life

Regardless of where you are on your Journey

Grief Coaching Partners with You to Guide you from heartbreak to healing 

Coaching Sessions That Best Support You

Each session is designed to meet you where you are today in your grief journey. You may be newly bereaved, 6-1 yr and struggling still to cope or 2 + years and not thriving.

Wherever you are on your journey, go ahead and Book your FREE Coaching Session if you’re ready to begin your grieving journey and/or are ready to design a life you’re ready to step into.

Please know each grieving journey is as unique as you are.

Grief Coaching

Understand Grief Reflect, Reconnect & Renew

Welcome to Understanding Grief Coaching

If you’ve recently experienced a loss and find yourself struggling to navigate through overwhelming emotions, thoughts, and confusion, Grief Coaching can support you to make sense of your experience.

Grief can leave you feeling out of control, unable to cope, and isolated. It’s normal to long for a sense of calm and to want to feel like yourselves again.  We will work together to help you understand your grief, unravel its complexities, and support you in gaining valuable insights into your reactions.

By taking action now, you won’t waste years unravelling your grief as it can detour you and affect so many areas of your life without even realizing it.

Having a grief coach is like hiring a guide when you travel, they can give you much information you may overlook and sites you may never consider. Creating a wider experience for you.

A grief coach understands and knows the terrain to help you navigate your own grief.  Fully grieving your loss is healing in and of itself.

If you feel it’s time to take control of your grief and embark on a transformative journey towards healing and inner peace. Book your Free call to see if Grief Coaching is for You.


Group Facilitation

Reconnect from Grief Life, Love & Laughter

Welcome to our Signature Program for Groups

Group support is invaluable, it’s an opportunity to hear from others what their grief challenges are.  The power of group sessions certainly helps you feel less alone in your grief or the challenges you facing.  You can learn how others are navigating them and this often gives you insight into how you can too.  We are here to help and provide a safe place for you to share, grow and learn.  Together, we can all make a difference.  Let’s get started!

Our next group is scheduled shortly Sign up now to save your seat.  This is all online and held on Saturday morning for two hours.

Book your call to see if Group Grief Coaching is right for you.

Six-Week Mental Fitness  Plus Grief Coaching

Master the Art of Reducing Stress and Embrace a Life Filled with Ease, & Flow

It’s a well-known fact that we humans are designed for negativity.  It’s called the negativity bias. It’s easy to slide into negativity especially when dealing with grief, it’s hard to feel positive during this time naturally with all you’re going through. Once you understand how you judge yourself, others and/or circumstances you’ll discover a more compassionate way to be in your experience so that you can live a life with less stress and more positivity.

Discover the power of navigating your Judge and allies that may keep you from healing.  You can learn how transforming your relationship with challenges, relationships, grief and health can unleash your true potential. When you view life from a positive perspective, you’ll begin to free yourself from the constraints that may be holding you back. In turn, you’ll unlock your resilience, and growth, and feel more serenity.

During the 6 weeks, I’ll also be there to guide you.  You’ll gain invaluable support from Grief Coaching and have access to the PQ Mental Fitness app for a full year.  The PQ  App and 6-week program (valued at $997).   Provides you with compassionate guidance to support you to feel more empowered on your journey.

Book a Free call to see if Grief Coaching with Mental Fitness is right for you. Learn More

Group On-Line Class

Grief Movement Flow

Nurturing Healing and Connection

No yoga experience is needed. Sit in a chair and let your body guide you through the journey of grief.

Grief brings change and challenging emotions, but by mindfully moving within your body, you can navigate these feelings instead of suppressing them. Through movement, tune into your body’s sensations and begin to process stored grief.

Moreover, the movement offers respite from mental stress, creating space and tranquillity for the mind.

When grieving, it’s easy to lose touch with oneself. This modality helps you reconnect with your inner world, fostering a deeper understanding of loss.

Make it a regular practice to open your body and mind, allowing healing from grief. This gentle blend of breath, stretch, and awareness is a potent tool for navigating difficult emotions.

It’s an invitation to prioritize self-care and self-love during this one-hour class.

Book a call to explore if the Grief Movement Flow suits your unique needs and embark on your journey of healing.

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Gratitude for Free Coaching Conversation

The support and guidance I gained from my conversation with Anne has made such a difference. It was immaculate timing.

I so appreciated Anne’s coaching around my father’s potential death.  Our relationship has since transformed and Anne helped more than she knows.



Grateful Coaching Client

Before working with Anne to say I had fallen into griefs abyss would have been an understatement.

I had lost my partner and father to cancer only months apart. I struggled with the simplest tasks, most days getting out of bed felt like a victory.

The 12 weeks coaching was challenging but worth every minute and tear I’ve shed.

Anne is one of the kindest, understanding and patient people I have ever met. I am truly grateful to have had her coaching me through this – Cody

Satisfied Coaching Client

I am pleased to have been Anne’s client and completed her 12 week, program.

My longstanding life relationship ended,  I was experiencing grief, and in a major life transition.

Her coaching is warm, engaging, capable and up-lifting. She uses good tools and is an expert facilitator.

I recommend Anne unreservedly as a grief coach for anyone finding themselves in any major grief situation – Roy


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