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3 Coaching Programs To Best To Support You

Each program and session is designed to meet you where you are today.  To help you journey with your grief, to design the life you’re ready to step into


Understanding Grief To

Reflect Reconnect & Renew

Understanding grief is for you if you have recently experienced a loss and are struggling to make sense of what is happening to you. This 6-week, (weekly) program is designed to support you when you feel out of control and are unable to cope.

Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings are all over the place and you’re confused, feel alone and sense no one understands.

You long for calm to return and to feel like yourself once more.

When you understand your own grief and your reactions to it, you will discover the fear lessens allowing you to discover those calm moments.


Reconnect from Grief to

Life, Love & Laughter

Reconnect from grief is our Signature Program.

During the 3 months (12 consecutive wks) you will be taken on a journey to not only understand your grief but discover and navigate no-mans lands.  Free yourself of limitations that are ultimately holding you back from living a new life after loss.

You’ll learn navigating your grief is a process your grief coach will support you on.  You will discover for yourself the power of grieving, letting go and how to move forward.



Reconnecting Your Head & Heart & Finding YOU and Life After Loss

Finding you and life after loss is for you if you are 1 year or more into your grieving.

During this, 6-month coaching program you will have the opportunity of delving deeper into each module.  By doing so, you will gain an in-depth understanding of your grief together with an opportunity to practice with the tools you’ll be shown.

You will no doubt discover for yourself the power of these coaching tools in their ability to allow you to see your grief differently and how you can move forward with your life when you learn what to do to allow for this.

It’s about finding your resiliency, your growth, and joy.


Gratitude for Free Coaching Conversation

The support and guidance I gained from my conversation with Anne has made such a difference. It was immaculate timing.

I so appreciated Anne’s coaching around my father’s potential death.  Our relationship has since transformed and Anne helped more than she knows.



Grateful Coaching Client

Before working with Anne to say I had fallen into griefs abyss would have been an understatement.

I had lost my partner and father to cancer only months apart. I struggled with the simplest tasks, most days getting out of bed felt like a victory.

The 12 weeks coaching was challenging but worth every minute and tear I’ve shed.

Anne is one of the kindest, understanding and patient people I have ever met. I am truly grateful to have had her coaching me through this – Cody

Satisfied Coaching Client

I am pleased to have been Anne’s client and completed her 12 week, program.

My longstanding life relationship ended,  I was experiencing grief, and in a major life transition.

Her coaching is warm, engaging, capable and up-lifting. She uses good tools and is an expert facilitator.

I recommend Anne unreservedly as a grief coach for anyone finding themselves in any major grief situation – Roy


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