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It is so easy in uncertain times to become disconnect from yourself and allow increased stress to settle in.  To help reconnect You to You I’ve created the head- heart meditation.

When you can bring your awareness to your heart area, simply by placing your hand over your heart it immediately drops you out of your head (where most of us live) and into our hearts.

Allowing yourself to breathe in this way helps bring clarity and compassion into your day.


In recognition of all the stressors, and overwhelm our front-line workers are navigating and living through, I wanted to find a way to say thank you.

I’m doing so by creating space in my calendar just for you and am more than happy to offer a free 1 hr coaching session with me.

If you’re interested or know someone on the front lines of our hospitals, nursing homes or retirement homes. Please share this invite to do so for November & December.

Simply complete the Invite below to set up.

Curious How Grief Coaching Can Support You?

Your First Action Step – Schedule Your Conversation
I’m inviting you to have a conversation with me.

Where you can let me know what challenges you’re facing and I can show you the power of being coached.

So looking forward to connecting with you.


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