Divorce – a Disenfranchised Grief

In our society, we readily acknowledge that grief follows after a loved one dies. It is expected and accepted but this isn’t the case when the couple divorce or a long-time relationship fails.  They are not given the same compassion as the person whose loved one has died.  Grieving after a relationship fails is rarely acknowledged even by family, friends.  We know that it’s awful and the person will get over it.  Unfortunately, this is not the case as guest expert Diane Valiquette will attest to.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1.  There is so much more to grieve than the relationship itself
  2.  How divorce/breakup grief is more painful than the death of a loved one
  3.  Why grieving a relationship loss can go on for many many years
  4.  The mistakes couples can make when dating again so soon after the divorce/breakup
  5.  A more realistic timeframe to wait before dating to ensure a happier outcome
  6.  The difference in emotional grief experienced by a Dumper or Dumpee
  7.  The biggest mistakes couples make in marrying without testing the relationship or having a clear   sense of who they are
  8. Why so many marriages fail today
  9.  The harm inflicted on children of divorce and what can be done to avoid
  10.  Discover if believing in “the one” is fact or myth
  11.  The secret to living happily ever after

This episode is available on the Lets Talk About Grief Podcast streaming on Apple or Spotify.  Click the link to listen.


Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – Interview with Suzanne Winlove-Smith

Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – Interview with Suzanne Winlove-Smith

Our interview today is with Suzanne Winlove-Smith, a mediation strategist with the Ottawa Courts.

Suzanne is with us today to see if we can uncover much more to what is underneath this escalating issue facing society worldwide with our teen deaths due to drug overdoses.  In her work with kids, as she lovingly calls them, she sees the stresses and level of pain that these young people are experiencing.  In her words, “there is an epidemic of anxiety out there”

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in today’s conversation.

  1. When getting married, no one thinks about it ending in divorce
  2. Divorce brings up so much fear in couples
  3. It is the death of their hopes and dreams and these need to be grieved before moving on
  4. When it gets to the courts there is already so much anger causing people to behave badly
  5. Children are often forgotten and will make up their own stories about it all being their fault
  6. Adults forget that their kids hear and feel things that may not be spoken
  7. Adverse childhood event studies have shown 4 or more can lead to addiction
  8. More education and understanding about relationships and divorce
  9. Adults need to take a stand and become Hero’s to their kids by modeling better behaviour
  10. More discussions about these hard to deal with topics – we don’t always have to have the answer but listening can be healing.




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