My Gift To You

My Gift To You

Holiday Season is here – Time to be of Good Cheer

Tis the season…….  Whether you are grieving or not, this time of year can be hard on the most resilient!

How many of us start off the season, with hearts full of joy and expectations that this year will be the best one ever?

The images in our heads are made up of nostalgia perhaps for Christmas long ago.  Our childhood memories of how our Christmas times were filled with magic and fun.  How different it can be when we become the adults?  There is so much pressure we place on everything being perfect.

The Hollywood image of happy families delighting in their gifts and being together in a community.  Or images of the future where we will get it right.  What does “getting” it right even mean?

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

To me, it isn’t about the perfect present, although it can make the heart happy.  For many, the whole event can be disappointing why because of the expectations.  The expectations we put on ourselves, the day itself or it may be unmet expectation of our friends and family.

While many of us look forward to the magic of Christmas; at times we forget what it truly is about.  Connection and celebrating with our loved ones.

That is why it is so difficult for those of you grieving in your year of 1st.   The loss of connection to your loved one will make it more emotionally difficult to navigate.

When you add the loss and the normal pressures we put upon ourselves at Christmas time, it is no wonder most grieving a loss want to hibernate.  It is all too much.

The Perfect Solution for all – Gratitude

There is a simple solution for all of us to adopt during the holidays and that is the practice of gratitude for what is in our lives.  Go within to find it.  It isn’t outside of us.  I believe what we are looking for is not perfection, bigger or better gifts, but a sense of belonging, connection, and love.  Practicing gratitude can bring to you the feeling I think we are looking for.

When you can feel that deep gratitude from within you can infuse it into your life and everything you do.  It is a much different energy, it is one of kindness and love.  It truly does help to release those expectations that each of us carry.

I am so grateful to you for remaining on my list so that you can receive nuggets that I sincerely hope help you. Wishing for you, peace, understanding and a heartful full of the spirit of love.

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