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Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – Interview with Nadine Doyle

Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – Interview with Nadine Doyle

Today we are talking to Nadine Doyle, a social service professional who has a broad range of skills and experience in supportive counseling, community outreach, program delivery and workshop facilitation.  Her career has taken her into many areas such as Employment Services, Addictions Counselling, traditional and alternative Education Service, Mental Health Services, Women’s Issues,  Child & Youth Counseling and as well as with At-Risk Youth.

Nadine is with us today to help us have a better understanding about addictions.  I’m asking Nadine to put her addiction councilor’s hat back on and speak to us about her involvement with teens, and adults with drug & alcohol addictions.

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in today’s conversation.

  1. The age range of teens and young adults seen for counseling
  2. Referral Systems in place in schools and community
  3. Harm Reduction philosophy versus AA philosophy
  4. Understanding the types of cocaine available
  5. Natural teen curiosity and Fish Bowl parties
  6. Trauma and the importance of support in those moments
  7. Story of drug dealer and Nadine’s education into this world
  8. Trust – an important factor
  9. Government Funding – helping to create training and education – Peer Help – certification
  10. The importance of choices and support and motivation

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