Interview Stillbirth – Louise Green

You’re going to have twins – the doctor announced to Louise at her checkup.  Excitedly she called her mum while standing at the bus stop.  She was hardly able to contain her excitement.

From then on Louise was monitored frequently with many tests to ensure mum and babies were doing well.  It was during one of these tests that Louise was given a diagnosis of preeclampsia and ordered into the hospital immediately.  Her baby boys were delivered 35 weeks into her pregnancy.

Despite the best care possible, one of their babies died.

This is an interview about their story as the family coped after burying one of their infant sons.  How they learned to live their lives as normal as possible while loving their surviving child.  This is a story of

a marriage strong enough to survive the death of a child and how they continue to thrive.

James, their infant son left behind a legacy to the family.  They would later find out that Louise had an inherited disease through the female line.  Thus saving lives.

Louise is now speaking out in the hopes of preventing other children’s death by ensuring that mums take care.  She herself had no symptom

s.  Also, stillbirths are much more common than we realize.

Listen now to this families story.


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