Sibling Loss – First Friend

Sibling Loss – First Friend

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Siblings Loss

Siblings are often considered our first and lifelong friends. The bond between siblings can be one of the strongest connections we have in life. When we lose a sibling, it can feel as though a part of us is missing, leaving a void that seems impossible to fill.

Sibling loss often comes with lingering grief that can stay with us long. Each time we are reminded of our loss, it can feel like reopening a wound that hasn’t yet fully healed. However, losing a sibling doesn’t have to define us, and we can find ways to remember and honour them, carrying their values with us.

Turn Grief into Something Positive

One way to turn grief into something positive is by carrying forward the values and lessons our siblings taught us. They may have taught us to be kind, and compassionate, or to push ourselves to reach our full potential. These values can guide our choices in life and help us create something meaningful that helps others. We need to focus on celebrating the legacy of our siblings by embodying their values and sharing their stories with others.

Sibling loss can also provide clarity on our life’s purpose. The jarring shock of losing a sibling can offer a profound reminder of how precious our time is. As a result, some people may decide to change their career path or reconsider their choices in life. They may choose to work in an area that they are passionate about, making a positive difference in people’s lives, as a tribute to their loved one who has passed away.


Losing a sibling can encourage us to cherish our relationships with family members and create meaningful connections with others. Whether finding comfort in their memories or following in our siblings’ footsteps by embracing their values and passions, sibling loss can ultimately teach us about the power of love and hope that emerges from the most profound sadness. Discovering constructive ways to overcome grief allows us to transform our loss into something positive.

These thoughts came about after having interviewed a recent guest for our Let’s Talk About Grief with Anne, Dr. Jennifer Kaplan Your can listen HERE

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