The Road Less Travelled – Interview Alma Norman

I had the privilege of interviewing, Alma Norman a feisty, 96-year-old at her home recently.  Alma and I met at an event.  After speaking with her for a short time, she shared her husband had died.  I was struck by her acceptance and her view on life.

Reflections on a Life Well Lived

Indeed Alma was grieving the loss of her husband, Whiley.  She also found her legally blind status upsetting as it held her back from enjoying the life she once had and added another level of loss to her grief.  She shared with me she was looking into MAID (medical assistance in dying).  Alma felt she had lived a full life and was ready to die.  She obviously had thought this through and was at peace with her decision.  I was in awe of this woman, her quiet acceptance of her life now and the grief she was experiencing.  Alma I thought had every right to feel like a victim but she definitely was not one.  I wanted to know more so I asked if she would grant me an interview.  She readily accepted and was delighted to have had the experience.

In this interview, you will learn:

  1. What early life events led her to be this quietly spoken leader, feisty, & independent woman
  2. Her social causes, championing the underdog
  3. How she met her husband and his proposal
  4. Memories of a canoeing trip and how that memory was shared before her husband died
  5. Very different people led to a very happy successful marriage
  6. Acceptance of aging, declining health and still maintaining her ability to laughter

Hearing Alma’s story will no doubt give you insights and hopefully help you in grieving your loss with more understanding of how and what helps with grief.


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