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W.I.S.E. Leadership for an Emerging World

Summit May 9 – 13

“The courage to be vulnerable is not about winning or losing, it’s about the courage to show up when you can’t predict or control the outcome.”

Brené Brown, Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations.

Could we emerge as even better leaders through preparation that’s focused on supporting employees to ensure a smooth transition?

What are your thoughts?

We’d love to know

You’ll have the opportunity to comment on each Interview posted daily beginning May 9, 2020.

All questions and comments will be compiled for Summit Panel Discussion on May 13, 10:30-11:30

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The W.I.S.E. Leaders Summit runs from May 9th-May 13th

Starting with featured daily interviews available for you to watch on our Linkedin or Facebook page.  Giving you the opportunity to listen to each interview and then post your questions.

Then join us in the engaging discussion which will end out Summit with our Panel Discussion

This Summit is for you:

  • Are you an entrepreneur or business leader looking for ideas and discussion on how you may need to adjust your leadership style and tactics to conduct business once the economy opens back up?
  • Do you continually hear people talking about “the new normal” and wonder what exactly that means or how to even begin thinking through a framework to address this future?
  • Have you begun pondering how you will address what, collectively, we have all gone through, in a humane and caring way, while still getting “back to work?”
  • Are you looking for some advice on how to lead, inspire, and engage your employees pre and post-opening up of our communities?

With the reopening of our economy, we foresee many challenges but also potential positive changes for businesses as we move forward to face our new normal

Meet Your Hosts Anne & Lisa

Anne DeButte

Grief & Loss Coach, Author, Speaker, Grief Facilitator, Podcast Host , Owner of Reconnect from Grief Coaching Service

Lisa Anna Palmer

Leadership & Career Coaching & Advice | Author | Speaker, CEO at Cattelan Palmer Light Your Leadership Institute

Together with our Colleagues

Juliann Castell

Senior Business Transformation Consultant Change Designer Employee Engagement Consultant Project Manager, JFC Consulting

Vicky Etherington

The Website Mentor, Award-winning website creation coach. Public speaker, Founder of Azure Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultancy

Lynn Ladd

Member Experience , Ottawa Board of Trade

Leslie Newell

Senior Mental Health and Wellness Advisor at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Kaye Preston

Senior Wellbeing Consultant Health Coach Designer WELL AP. Senior Interior Designer, Founder of Designers Mind

Dominique Dennery

Health and Wellness Facilitator for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

Alexandra Salamis

Leadership Development · Executive Coaching · Organizational Development · Change Management, Integral Leadership Design

Dr. M. Reardon

Associate Professor of Psychology at West Texas A&M University

The Summit was created to answer questions you may have been thinking

Also to initiate thoughts of potential changes around your role within your organization or business.

Join us in engaging discussion during our virtual Workplace Intuitive Support & Expansion (W.I.S.E) Summit to hear what some of your colleagues are envisioning as we begin to think about and prepare for the reopening of our communities and businesses.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • How will the workplace deal with employee’s experiences during this pandemic as they return to their respective places of employment?

  • How can leaders recognize and be compassionate to the needs of employees?

  • How can we market to and engage potential clients in an ethical manner?

  • What might the physical workplace look like post-COVID?

  • What have we learned from working remotely that we can import back into the workplace?

  • How can we engage employees to help them prepare?

We believe that inclusive workplaces with heart-centred leaders and employees who practice compassion and kindness will have a greater chance of thriving in a post-COVID world.

We aspire to provide hope, spark insights, and look at the potentials that have emerged during our time of shutdowns and social distancing.


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